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Know Thy Enemy


The Face Behind the Madness


specialties: drawing, sleeping, eating, staging coup d'etas,
beating my ego senseless
sustinance: japanese food, korean food, mexican fo0d, brazilian food, italian food, sugar
coke or pepsi?: pepsi (or mountain dew code red)
recreation: rave, shopping, sleeping, partying, drawing, reading
shades of the rainbow: red
auditory: the prodigy, chemical brothers, death in vegas, stabbing westward, mr. children, DMX, judy & mary, dragon ash, X-Japan, luna sea, DJ krush, Dj honda, lotsa other stuff too..
video library: anime, art house cimema, obscure cult films, anything bizzare, anything with anthony hopkins
the grind: pyschology, contemporary world issues, drawing and painting, poetry, senior study
anything else?: qiwou30e183yqe0ow8gflosdg98wera!!!!!!



The Short List

Personal Information
Name: Caitlin Walsh
DOB: 5.23.1984
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 90-100 lbs.
Bloodtype: A+
Western Zodiac: Gemini (The Twins)
Eastern Zodiac: The Rat
Birthplace: Your Local 7-11 Location
Current Location: Boston